EXPRESS BARISTA TRAINING: 3-4 hours on the preparation of the coffee, which we still run, in our outsourcing training courses. The participant will receive a complete basic training in which we will explain the stages of coffee production. The history of the coffee plant and the types of grouping. The process of preparing coffee, recipes and milk foam techniques. (Max. 6 people).

USING THE COFFEE MACHINE: Grind settings, espresso bases. In these seminars you will learn how to set up a coffee grinder and how to prepare a good espresso. The student will learn about coffee as a plant and the factors that influence taste. The grind setting based on different profiles and the espresso preparation processes. (Max. 6 people).

LATTE ART BASIC COURSE: Foam milk, classic shapes. Production of textured milk foam/milk cream and practice of basic samples. (Max. 4 people).

LATTE ART ADVANCED COURSE: Complex mergers and acquisition of classical and combinatorial technologies. (Max. 2 people).

ALTERNATIVE COFFEE PREPARATION: Knowing about drinks other than coffee. We know Aeropress, Chemex, French press, Clever dripper and Mizudashi. (Max. 6 people).

FREE PRACTICE: Depending on the customer’s needs, exercises may be requested.

The duration of the workshop is between 2-3 hours, depending on the number of participants and the topic.

To receive more information, please contact the following phone number (+36) 23503826 or send us a request from the contact section.


The Caffè Pertè brand is known in Hungary for its professionalism and competence. In addition to traditional coffee beans and ground, the company also offers assistance to consumers wishing to create a possible partnership.

Our company offers immediate and expert support for all types of coffee machines affiliated with us. The characteristics of Made in Italy are visible in the quality of our products and our services.

To obtain an immediate consultation appointment, please contact the following phone number (+36) 23503826.

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