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Our valuable blends contain unique tastes which are selected with passion and experience from the best raw coffee, this is then imported from exclusive and certified plantations from Central and South America. Over time we have created over 150 recipes which have been passed down from one generation of our family to another, this has allowed us to create 5 different types of exclusive blends that contain caffeine or are decaffeinated. In addition, we usually prepare personalized brand products to satisfy our customer’s needs. We currently only distribute fresh or non imported/unroasted coffee, this is because we are able to roast the coffee beans here in Hungary thanks to out certified roasting tech system. Currently our sales are linked to commercial locations such as; bars, restaurants, hotels, patisseries and cafes throughout Italy and other nations, this has allowed us to have a great understanding of this industry but we will always continue to develop our knowledge in other parts of the coffee industry. Our competent sales team and coffee technicians guarantee a professional experience for our clients in sales, distribution and in any other coffee related requirements. We believe in capacity building here at Caffe Perte, this means we therefore offer our clients professional trainings opportunities, so that we can share our knowledge and the latest innovations related to the coffee and restaurant industries.


In 2002 Caffe Perte built a new facility in Budaörs, close to Budapest to house our modern roasting equipment, this has allowed us to satisfy the growing market needs. This highly automated and advanced facility complies with all European Union and Hungarian health & safety regulations, while also having a low impact on it is surrounding environment. This has allowed us to roast the coffee beans in country, which ensures the quality and freshness of the final coffee product.

Hungarian Coffees

The unification of the Austrian and Hungarian empire (1867-1919) inevitably led to a cross cultural influence of the two cultures. During the 19th Century intellectuals, writers and artists used to gather in the cafes of Vienna, these cafes quickly became known for their culture and knowledge, many great historical figures graced the cafes of these two great cities. In time the influence of the Vienna cafes was felt in Budapest and throughout Hungary. The “Literary Salons” developed across Europe during this Golden Era or otherwise know as the Belle Epoque period, this time as famous for the intense discussions of art, politics, religion and philosophy. Between the 19th and 20th Century, Budapest boasted over 500 literary cafes, among these are the famous New York Café, Central Café and Museum Café, these cafes have become institutions in of themselves due to their charm and beauty.

Made in Italy

Espresso coffee is part of Italian culture and shows our values: tradition, family, art, passion and innovation. These aspects of Italian culture have made created the world famous “Made in Italy” brand. All these aspect are characteristic of our Made in Italy. The organoleptic qualities of Italian Espresso are recognized for its aromatic peculiarity. Italian products were valued and appreciated by those around the world because it guaranteed the professionalism and quality of Italian espresso. The humble espresso has made Italian products famous all over the world and show cased the richness of Italian culture and cuisine. The fragrance and thickness of Italian coffee has become a staple daily routine of every Italian. The Italian nation is committed to produce top quality coffee to show our traditions and the preservation of this legacy.

Oro quality,coffee to be discovered.

Balanced, refined and full-bodied blend.

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