Frequent questions

The amount of Arabica and Robusta used.
Oro: 90% Arabica – 10% Robusta
Rosso: 70% Arabica – 30% Robusta
Argento: 50% Arabica – 50% Robusta

They are single-origin coffees (i.e. of a single type) selected. 100% Arabica.

Nero coffee is made from a mix of five selected Arabica blends.
Santo Domingo is a 100% Arabica single origin coffee.

From the control distribution: Biokontroll Hungária Nonprofit Kft. (HU-ÖKO-01).

Once a pack of ground coffee has been opened, how long can the freshness of Caffè Perté last? After opening, the coffee maintains its state of freshness for up to a few days, because the coffee begins to undergo alterations due to natural oxidation processes. It is advisable to put the ground in the refrigerator immediately after opening to preserve the aroma and taste, even if it is strongly recommended to consume it within a few days.

The conservation of Caffè Pertè ground coffee lasts 1 year.

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