Our Story

Caffè Pertè has being present in Hungary since the 1980’s through the importation of coffee beans from it is mother company Caffè Pelè, though our coffee tradition stretches further back to 1974 and the founding in Modena region of Italy. Caffè Pertè is the Hungarian child of the original Caffè Pelè family, which was founded in the town of Medolla, this little café and it is coffee was able to conquer the local province thanks to it is recognised quality and professionalism. From the 1980’s Caffè Pelè began exporting coffee to Hungary, in time this expanded to opening a roasting facility in Kecskemét. In 2002 it was necessary to expand the roasting production and the company moved from kesckemet to it is current facility in Budaörs, this move allowed the company to modernize its roasting process by introducing innovative roasting technologies. Caffè Pertè owes this continued growth to its employees and the certified quality product that is produce on a daily basis, this has allowed us to only offer the best of the best coffee beans here in Hungary.

Who We Are

The Roncadi’s family story began 50 years ago in Modena with their own roasting. In the 90’s Giampiero the son of the founded his own company Caffè Pertè in Hungary. Our coffee has now been present in Hungary for 25 years and is a symbol of our Italian culture. Our coffee has grown within the Ho.R.e.Ca business community, with some of the most renowned restaurants and hotels of Budapest as our clients. Our long term vision is to expand outside the borders of Hungary into the neighbouring countries, this will allow us to create a network of our products around the region.


Italian coffee characteristics are mostly associated with strong aroma and taste, using the best coffee machines will allow you to reach the full potential of the humble coffee bean and experience a sliver of Italian lifestyle in every cup. Caffè Pertè for this reason cooperates with only the best coffee machine manufactures, additionally we offer advisory services to our clients and partners to choose the best machines for them. Caffè Pertè offers prompt assistance and servicing for many types of coffee machines, we also offer trainings to enhance our clients experience in the hope to spread the appreciation of the espresso. A good coffee machine does not guarantee a quality coffee, the art of making the perfect coffee extends past the machine and bean to the other elements such as: filters, seals, tubing and accurate temperature gauge. Caffè Pertè recommends only the best machine brands in the sector, to ensure an authentic coffee experiences and grown the bond between us, and you the consumer.


We provide a complete service to our commercial Partners, such as training for baristas, maintenance for coffee machines or emergency service in case of damage. Customers are the beginning and end of any successful business, we believe that our professional staff will deliver the best services to our customer, this is our essential commitment to them. We believe that it is important to create long term partnerships with our clients, which is based on mutual respect and professionalism. This professionalism can be best demonstrated by recognising the requirements of our customers and meeting their needs with the minimum disruption to the client. The Italian Espresso market is constantly expanding, and it is part of our business to continuously find new innovations and expansion strategies.

Coffee dream.

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Tradition is the soul of our company and its products, this means that the quality of the beans and fresh roasting is the foundation from which we continue to grow. The coffee beans come from only the best producers after a careful review and selection process, which includes many a trial coffee. Our company offers over 150 different coffee recipes, this includes bended coffee or if a client requires, we can produce one off coffee blends that match the requirements of this valued clients. The quality of our fruit selection is of the utmost importance, this means that we had to complete an in-depth market research to find the best coffee plantation companies around the world. Our dedication to creating a good coffee is connected to our long Italian tradition. The organoleptic characteristics of coffee inform the way we produce and expand our knowledge of coffee. At Caffè Pertè, we are constantly analysing the different properties within coffee in the hope to produce better quality products, this is driven both by our passion and curiosity for this special little bean. We believe that “an informed customer is the best customer”, for this reason we feel it’s important to share this knowledge to our clients and partners.

True lovefor coffee.

Passion, quality and experience.

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